Wildgrain Subscription Box Review

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Wildgrain Subscription Box Review

Wildgrain Subscription Box displayed with all of the contents including frozen bread, pasta and pastries!

February is for wintertime coziness and all the feel good things! Wildgrain is the 1st bake-from-frozen box for breads, fresh pastas and artisanal pastries! Everything in the box bakes in under 25 minutes! We love to dip into our box on Sundays. We make fresh bread to go with dinner and love to treat ourselves to a dessert! The boxes are sent with dry ice, so everything comes frozen. You can choose the frequency and contents of your box. I love that the contents come frozen because it doesn’t put pressure on to use them immediately!

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Use my code ABUSYKITCHEN and save $10.00 of your first order!

What is a Wildgrain Subscription Box?

Is the Wildgrain Subscription Box worth it? My Wildgrain Subscription Box Review will tell you all that you need to know! Wildgrain is a monthly subscription box that delivers Artisan Bread, Pasta, and Pastries right to your door! When it is time to bake, you pull the items directly from the freezer. There is no need to thaw out anything…. and the best part? Everything cooks in under 25 minutes!

Croissants in package from Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

Wildgrain offers two different boxes. There is the Mixed Wildgrain Box OR the Wildgrain Bakery Box. You get a free item with every box for the life of your membership! You can easily manage your membership from any device. There is a 4 day notice before each charge, so it is easy to manage or make changes! You can also cancel or skip a month with just a click!

Loaf of bread displayed from Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

What Came in my most recent Wildgrain Subscription Box?

My most recent box- The MIXED WILDGRAIN BOX – included Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies, Croissants, Fettuccine, Slow Fermented Cranberry Pecan Bread, Tonnarelli pasta and Sourdough Bread. The contents rotate with each delivery, but generally each box will include three loaves of bread, two types of pasta, and 1 or more packages of artisanal pastries.

Pasta displayed from Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

The Wildgrain Bakery Box typically includes around four loaves of bread and 2 pastry items! I’ve had both the Mixed Wildgrain Box and the Wildgrain Baxery Box delivered. You will not be disappointed in either!

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Benefits of Wildgrain Subscription Box

Replace your carbs with clean and nutritious options! We are always looking for better choices around here. I would like to think that our Sunday COMFORT FOOD can be delicious AND nutritious. And guess what? It can! Now isn’t THAT comforting!! Wildgrain allows you to replace your carbs with CLEAN & NUTRITIOUS options! All of Wildgrain products are made with clean ingredients that are easy to understand.

Loaf of bread displayed from Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

Wildgrain Sourdough bread provides many health benefits. The Wildgrain fermentation process digest a majority of the gluten. For this reason, Wildgrain says that some people with GLUTEN SENSITIVITIES find that they can easily digest and enjoy sourdough bread. We are a GLUTEN SENSITIVE house and enjoy the Sourdough Loaves without any complications!


Loaf of bread displayed from Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

Everything from my WILDGRAIN BREAD BOX leaves me wanting more. Sundays are sacred in our house. Every Sunday I cook a nice hot, nutritious and comforting meal, to end the weekend on a good note. Wildgrain takes the hustle and bustle out of getting a fresh bread on the table. Because you store it frozen, it takes away the pressure of having to go get fresh bread from the store. The desserts are top quality. The pasta is unreal. Not only is this a must have for your home, it also makes an AMAZING GIFT!!!

Order yours today and order one for somebody you love too!!

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Oversized frozen chocolate chip cookies from my wildgrain box!
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