The Only Mayo We use!

Think your mayo is heart healthy?

Just like the ketchup in our house, I made a switch on our mayonnaise too! And for a very good reason. First of all if you you haven’t done your research on heart healthy oils, then you need to start! Here is a great video breaking down which oils are good, and which are bad!

Are you reading your labels?

When I talked about ketchup, (check out my article here on healthy ketchups!) I talked about how brands do a great job of making food labels “look healthy”. It is easy to be fooled, and that is why you have to be defensive when you shop. Just like the ‘ Heinz Simply Ketchup’ that is made to look and appear healthy (it is not), there are many mayo’s on the market that are made to appear healthy, but the labels tell a different story.

Take for example, Hellmann’s healthy version of their mayo. This is their Olive Oil mayo. The average consumer would think they are making a healthier choice by choosing a mayo made with Olive Oil as opposed to their traditional version.

The label on the front of this widely loved sandwich topper, is where they trick you. Olive Oil is a heart healthy oil. But when you check out the back of the bottle, you will see that you are not getting what is advertised on the front.

Take a look at the back of the Hellman’s Olive Oil mayo. Olive Oil is healthy, but not when it is mixed with other oils that are bad for your body. If you look at the label it actually list Soybean Oil as the first oil. Soybean Oil is known to have many harmful side effects on the brain, heart, and nervous system. Some of these side effects including diabetes and obesity. Soybean Oil has been linked to increased fatty livers as well. Check out this article on the many many harmful side effects Soybean Oil can have on your body. . They don’t break down the ratio either of the oils on the label, so do this mean the consumer is getting 99% Soybean Oil and 1% Olive Oil? Who knows?

Is there a healthy mayo?

Luckily, there are some mayo’s out there that are heart healthy with only clean ingredients!! My absolute favorite is Sir Kensington’s Avocado Oil Mayonnaise. !!!! I get it at a great deal at Costo, but I suggest buying a smaller bottle here to try!!


Avocado Oil is a heart healthy, brain healthy oil. When you look at the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle, you will see Avocado Oil is actually the first and only oil listed! Sir Kensington also uses other top quality ingredients.

There are other brands of Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, this just happens to be my favorite! Now you can top that BLT or Hamburger with lots of mayo and no guilt! Cheers!

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