Sugar Free Chocolate!

If you are looking for a guilt free chocolate, look no further!!! These are an absolute favorite in our house. Say goodbye to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that are filled with sugar, soy, and preservatives. One Reese’s cup has 11 grams of added sugar. That’s over 2 teaspoons!

Not only is Lily’s delish, but the company itself does a lot of really great things! A portion of their profits go to non-profit companies that help fight childhood cancer and childhood disease! The company is female founded and prides itself on using only wholesome, healthy ingredients.

How does Lily’s make a tasty chocolate treat without using sugar? All varieties of Lily’s Chocolates are botanically sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is plant-derived and considered safe by the FDA. They also use Erythritol which is found occurring naturally in some foods. Erythritol has a sweet taste but contains no calories and does not have an effect on glucose in the body. This means it won’t spike your glucose and leaving you crashing, like regular chocolate would. It prevents you from getting that ‘sugar high’, which makes this a great treat for kids !

Not a dark chocolate fan? Not a peanut butter fan? No worries! Lily’s has a wide variety of Stevia flavored chocolate that you can check out here! They can also be found at Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, Walmart and a long list of other stores.

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