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Sprinly Is a Plant-Based ready made meal service that delivers ready-made vegan meals, right to your door. You don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to enjoy these meals. Sprinly Plant Based Meals taste delicious and are very satisfying! They are simple to heat up by using a microwave, oven or air-fryer! These meals are great for when you are short on time and ideas! I’ve tried dozens of dishes from Sprinly, and I can honestly tell you I have enjoyed them all !

Sprinly Plant Based Meals packaging and delivery box displayed

Sprinly Overview:

  • Who is Sprinly for? : Health conscious people looking for ready-to-eat healthy meals made with superior plant based ingredients that are gluten-free, organic, and plant-based! 
  • Commitment Level: Weekly subscription
  • Price: $16-$18/serving; Free shipping. Order more, save more. 
  • Description: Fully prepared fresh vegan meals that sometimes require minimal heating
  • Accessibility : East Coast, Midwest and South

Is Sprinly Affordable?

Sprinly Plant Based Meals are an excellent choice for people that don’t have the time to meal prep, need a healthy fresh change, or that just want to have delicious tasty meals delivered ready to go! As always, I will give you my honest take away. Sprinly is one of the more expensive meal delivery services. Depending on what you order, you can average out at about $16.00 a meal. You have to factor in that these meals are made with superior ingredients and are totally prepared for you other than heating up! Skip the restaurant Friday night out and give these a shot! We often use these for our date-night in dinners. They far superior to anything we can get at a restaurant!

How does Sprinly Work?

Sprinly’s Meal Delivery Service is available throughout the East Coast, Midwest and South. These fully prepared meals are delivered once a week, freshly made, and are simple to prepare. Delivery dates are Tuesday or Wednesday and determined by location. The packages come with full preparation instructions and nutritional information. You can choose whether you have 6, 12, or 18 meals delivered for the week. Sprinly Meals are typically 16-20 ounces so they make a great lunch or dinner serving for one person. All meals are gluten free.

Sprinly Plant Based Meals - This meal is Coconut Kale and Quinoa Antioxidant Salad with Hemp Seeds and Apple Balsamic

How do you order Sprinly?

The first thing to do when ordering Sprinly is to decide how many meals you want to order! You have the ability to order six, twelve, or eighteen meals. Next you will choose the date that you want your delivery to arrive. The day of the week that the meals are delivered is pre-determined, so you just need to pick the date! Each week there are 6 meals to choose from. If you are ordering 6 meals, you can either try the whole variety of the menu or select that quantities of the items that interest you.

A description chart of how Sprinly Plant Based Meals Work
Get Started with Sprinly!

Sprinly Ingredients

 Sprinly focuses on using only high-quality ingredients in meals with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or refined sugar. All meals are Vegan and Gluten-Free. All of the meals are low in sodium and oil. The meals are free of dairy and animal products as well. One of the things I love about the meals is how bright and bold they are! They are eye appealing and can assure you that you are “eating the rainbow” ! All of the chefs work directly with nutritionists and a doctor to design meals specifically for plant-based nutrition packed with macro and micronutrients.

Plans and Pricing

6 meals per week: $109 per week + free delivery ($18.17 per meal)

12 meals per week: $199 per week + free delivery ($16.83 per meal)

18 meals per week: $289 per week + free delivery ($16.06 per meal)

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Sprinly Plant Based Meals description and display of the plant based meals plated
A description chart of some of the good attributes of this prepared meal program

Sprinly Packaging

Sprinly meals come in a cardboard box that you can recycle. The insulated liner is compostable as well as the ice pack wrappers. You can cut the ice packs open and recycle the plastic, or recycle the ice packs themselves! The food containers (which are made of 40% recycled materials) are recyclable. You can also reuse the food containers to save other food or items. The containers are microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe! Each meal is packaged in a black recyclable container with a cardboard sleeve with a photo and description of the contents. Also on the cover is any special information such as whether or not that meal should be eaten first or earlier in the week to account for quality. On the back are the preparation instructions. There is also some nutritional info on the back!

Meal Highlight from my order!

beet salad from sprinly plated

Royal Beet Medallions with Ancient Quinoa and Greens: Sprinly’s nutrient-packed smoky paprika beet medallions are served over ancient quinoa, fresh bell peppers, sliced granny smith apples, cherry tomatoes, and a bed of baby kale and spring mix. Paired with a tangy, creamy golden paprika sauce to give it an extra kick. This was such and excellent meal to enjoy in the after noon. The colors were fun and it was super satisfying. I was full, but didn’t feel overly full or yucky! I felt fresh and amazing!

Sprinly Plant Based Meals

Overall Thoughts of Sprinly!

I was very pleased with Sprinly overall and would 100% order it again! I also want to say what a great gift Sprinly would make! They offer Digital Gift Cards that you can send electronically to friends and family members! These would be great for birthdays, somebody that just had a baby, or somebody that needs a little extra TLC ! While writing this review my dad had just had a major surgery and I was going back and forth to the hospital. These meals were great to have around because they were fast. I needed to keep good energy and strength and these kept me and my family fueled up with good-for-you ingredients !

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