Spice Organization

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Pantry Upkeep!

It is November here in Ohio! I normally save all of my inside organizing for the colder months!

I had been planning for a while to organize my pantry today! Never did I think, it would be 72 degrees here in Cleveland in November!!

As much as I wanted to be outside, today was the the day, and I was sticking to my Fall version of ‘Spring Cleaning’ ! I did open the windows to take in all that fresh air while I cleaned and organized.

Does anybody else completely empty their pantry every few months to clean and reorganize it? Something about a freshly cleaned an organized pantry gives me inspiration for cooking! Every three or four months, I take everything out to clean, reorganize, and do inventory.

How do you organize your spices?

I have tried a lot of different organizational systems for spices, and this one has been the one that seems to have stuck! It may not be as glamorous looking as rows of all matching glass containers, but it is very functional!

I have 2 tips that will help you keep your spices organized and easy to access!

** 1. Organize your spices alphabetically in trays! **

** 2. Label the top of your spices with a label maker! **

Organize Alphabetically!

Organize alphabetically in trays!

Organizing spices alphabetically makes it SO much easier to pull out what you need when you are cooking! I keep the spices in the trays so that I can pull out the tray and grab what I need, as opposed to shuffling through one big pile of spices. These trays are from the Dollar Tree!

I label the trays A-G and H-Z. I can just pull out the shelf and grab what I need. The trays are great. I don’t have to put each spice in an exact spot, but it still keeps them organized.

I use my label maker to alphabetically label the trays!

Label the lids of your spices!

I label the top of all of my spice containers! I would love to have all clear matching spice containers…not taking it off the table yet (haha), but I have found that leaving them in their original container actually makes it easier to find certain spices when sorting through them !

Labeling the top is a super effective method for when you are sorting through your trays to pull out spices! This is also a great method to organize your spices if you keep them in a drawer!

label the tops of your spice containers

Click here to get the label maker that I have!

The label maker I have is super easy to use and you can order refill tape for it right off amazon. I use this label maker for so so so many things!! It’s great to use to label your freezer meal prep or your meal prep containers you are putting in the fridge for the week!!! I use this label maker for everything!!!

If you want to be an organized human… you need to get one of these!!!


Not kitchen related…but this method has proved effective for keeping our hats, gloves, and scarfs organized!!!

The label maker will help you organize every area of your home!

label maker is life changing! organize!

When I say I use this label maker for everything, I am not kidding! Once you get one, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Use a shelf to store spices in your pantry !

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click here to get this shelf!

Finding the perfect shelf to bring this spice organization together was not easy! To make this work you need a shelf with at least 7 inches in between. Most of the space-saver shelves you see online, only have 5 inches in between the shelves.

I was able to find the one above on Amazon that works great! It has a 7.7 inch space between the shelves, so it works perfect!!

Click here to get it!

I hope some of these tips help you to get organized! Remember to keep your pantry stocked with clean ingredients that will keep you healthy! Keep your spices fresh, and use organic when you can!

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